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William Grant Still


William Grant Still

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William Grant Still Music  
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William Grant Still Music Box - Limited Edition

Be one of the few individuals in the world to own this beautiful, custom-made music box that plays the theme from William Grant Still's historic Afro-American Symphony. Only 16 of these Exclusive Collector's Edition music boxes were produced--and only 8 are available for purchase. All of these limited edition music boxes are numbered and all will be registered. A Certificate of Authenticity comes with each box.

William Grant Still Music Box

Exclusive Collector's Edition Music Box
William Grant Still Music Box
William Grant Still's Afro-American Symphony is the most-performed American symphony in history, and now the theme of Still's renowned symphony is available in a Collector's Edition music box that is not offered anywhere else in the world.

This edition was exclusively produced for William Grant Still Music with expert care and precision. Each box was crafted in Italy and is embellished with distinctive Sorrento inlay.

Music boxes #6 through #13 are currently available.

Certain conditions apply to purchase. Please call William Grant Still Music at (928) 526-9355 or send an email to to inquire about purchase.

All proceeds go to the William Grant Still Foundation to support music and the arts in our schools and in our communities.

An altered commercial version of the music box will be released only after all Collector's Edition music boxes have been sold and registered.

Price: $3,500.00

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